Hi, I’m Ms. Sally (as my preschoolers like to call me!)

I started this blog in response to what I’ve been feeling for nearly two years and thought many other parents may feel the same way I do. 

In a time when the world feels in disarray…it can be daunting to keep abreast of current events. Thoughts of the pandemic, social/civil unrest, climate change, political crises, and gun violence are enough to keep me up at night. As a new mom and special education preschool teacher, it’s been especially easy to feel overwhelmed about the future. I often think about what type of world our little ones will inherit.

Therefore, this is an outlet for me to share my thoughts and expertise, as well as communicate with others who care for young children. I hope that any adult (parent or caregiver) can read through my blog to learn about their child’s growth and development. I’ll share posts that pertain to academics and play, social-emotional learning, and even behavior.

My intentions…

Sure my goal is to help my own child, my preschoolers, and your children to become good students.

But, more importantly, I aim to help them be good humans. My overall philosophy stresses social-emotional development above all else. Believe it or not, but social-emotional growth is a cornerstone to academic learning too!

I have more than 10 years in the classroom. I also have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. All of that experience has taught me one very important thing! Cultivating critical skills like self-awareness, empathy, patience, etc. in early childhood can help create well-rounded adults capable of improving the world. 

So, a little bit more about me…

I wrote my first children’s book manuscript in 2020 after the birth of my baby. The book is a caregiver’s hopeful message to a special child in their life that focuses on the importance of social-emotional development. My hope is that it can serve as a jumping-off point for meaningful conversations with children. In addition, I hope children will learn to think critically about how to develop the qualities mentioned in this book and relate them to their own life. As an early childhood educator, I understand the importance of young children learning new words and concepts through reading, exposure, representation, and real-world connections. These discussions can help lead to developing essential social-emotional skills that can benefit them throughout their entire lives. I’m currently seeking to have the book traditionally published. 

Outside of the classroom, I’m a mom to a toddler and three dogs. (Yes, we have a very busy home!) My husband is also an educator. (We met in graduate school and the rest is—as they say—history!) 

Thanks again to you…

Caring for young children is no easy feat, so if you’re browsing my page I just want to say kudos to you for researching ways to improve your child’s overall development. I hope you find my page helpful. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media (IG, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter) to stay-up-to-date on the latest posts.

Thank you again for visiting. Let’s make a better future for our kids together!